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Could we really have an entire two weeks of filler and NOT have Naim shirtless? of COURSE not. Pfft. Try to ignore some of the stranger things that happened when I inked this (I won't go into specifics 'cuz maybe people won't notice...). Weeeeh!

I'm happy-giddy-accomplished feeling 'cuz I just spent two and a half hours doing research in Virginia case law for my contract matter assignment. I know this sounds like a downer and not an upper, but I BLINKED and the 2.5 hours was gone leaving a plethora (a miraculously manageable plethora) of useable materials in its wake. It was very exciting. (I don't quite have the energy left to sift through said plethora, but I ought to have time for that before it's due).

And on an unrelated and fangirlish note? The "hey Supernatural is pretty cool" observation has kicked full on into my newest fixation. Which makes above-mentioned research a little hard to motivate myself for, but fills my head with new pretties. SUCH a good show. And both Sam & Dean are entirely too pretty.



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