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chapter 3- real dreams

so, in working on a silly, plot-light story for you out there in reader land (about who else? nicodemus and a fun story from his past) i thought i'd throw in a little bit of backstory.

this has turned into a monster. i monster that has hit a block the size of montana, and which i thought i had worked through, but i was sorly mistaken.

anyway, not that it has anything to do with the main comic, but it rather frusterating having someone sitting outside on a cell-phone and not be able ot get them back in to progress the scene, but i just can't get it to work. one of those times when decribing internal thought processes and movement makes me only ever want ot write comic strips. of course, then you have the exposition heavy times when you wish it was a novel. alls well, i guess.


confused? read this chapter from the beginning: here




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