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  The Artist's Box

chapter 1- dreams, nightmares and portents


The poll is officially closed! Betsy won't be able to actually shut it down until she gets back to her stable internet connection, but the official winners (and thus pairings I shall be drawing) are:

1st place: Naim and Nicodemus

2nd place: *groan* Author and Artist

3rd place: Kelsi and Nicodemus

I'll be working on the pictures that accompany these results, and when they're done we'll post 'em in the gallery (we'll also mention them here, and in the livejournal most likely, so don't worry about missing them).

The reason I get the rant space for the next couple updates (which you already know if you read yesterday's ranty boxes) is that Betsy-sama is away. No, she did NOT finally get sick of me and flee the country. She is merely on a trip.

She shall return soon enough, and with her shall come the black ranty-box of doom and the brilliance that is story-yet-to-come.

In the meantime, please to be putting up with the easily-distracted artist and her words (with their strange tendency to stop making sense in her head as she types them). And stuff. Yeah.

Oh, and vote for us. Because we're shiny. Please?

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starting here? read this chapter from the beginning.

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