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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

"Be who you are, not how others want you to be"

this was my horoscope as i update this this fine early morning time. i spent most of my web-comic time today looking at various spots, and lusting after automatic updating features of keenspace. then the whole keen server went down, and i laughed, and thanked my stars, and my sister-chan, for the webspace we have.

anyway, i've been spending my time with non-uc bishies this week. from those of you who know me in real life, you'll know i'm a bit of a gamer, and if you talk to me about games, i'll have prolly mentioned aelif, my night-elf ninja-mage. it rocks my socks. and i've been writing cute little stories about him and the other ninja, tobias, instead of a lot of things. so yeah. they are eating my brain, instead of nicodemus. hopefully, i will somday find your forigveness minna-san.







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