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Betsy told me yesterday that this site had been... *ahem*  "growing like a fungus" for the past hour or so.  I must say, this image disturbs me slightly.  But then, some of the best things Betsy says disturb me quite a bit.  The most memorable anyway.

But look!  It's a webcomic!  A (mostly)functional webcomic with characters and strips and a logo and EVERYTHING!

On a thoroughly random note, anybody ever heard of Amerimanga?  Oh the hope it brings me!  (y'know, being a manga fanatic and mangaka wannabe in a country OTHER than Japan).  Then again, much less competition that way.  Right-O.

And that's all I have to say.

 Betsy's little dark space.


Soo....this is what it's like to have a webcomic. neeto.

i've managed to spend most of the brief exitense on this site coming by a trial by fire way of loading things up. ok..not as bad as all that, but still. interesting.

well, still trying to figure out how to send this to the website without loading it through three programs. not that i MIND that, no no, that would be untrue. but still, just kind of wondering.

I feel i should say something about the comic. well, i think it's safe to say you're in for a ride. the charaters have certainly changes since i first tried to write a book about them, but we are still working with them.

I assume because you're here, you'll like it. feedback is welcome (more than welcome, in's all fuzzy and stuff) and more things will be coming. like anything but the front page, i tell you true.

but for now? i'm going to sleep.



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