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hmm, shoulda put some sky behind that Blockbustser building.  Oh well, the taint is tangible with or without the sky.  And when even BLOCKBUSTER doesn't have what you're looking for, what can you do?  You can cry.  A lot.

 Betsy's little dark space.

the unchapter

so...maybe i should put a little explanation to why this comic is funny...

i hate blockbuster. from the happy happy family goodness, to the editing of movies to help their overly christian corporate owners sleep better at night, i find they are a plague on the fine hobby of movie-going. they also, in my town at least, tend to have stupidly high fines for late fees, and really weird drop off times. now, in my years of becoming a more rational adult, i realize that the "rumor" about blockbuster editing movies for content was prolly just a story, but i still have the hatred for the store. i mean, it's like the gap of movie rentals. yuck.

which is where the taint came from. this is actually based on a real conversation between jena and i, when we were trying to find the movie. right before i ran after the little girl while in my black leather trench coat and caused her to wet herself. i felt a little bad about that. the end.

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