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 the artist's box

chapter 5- shades of memory

'K, hating the world significantly less today. Thank you, Betsy-sama, for being wonderful. Seriously. You save my sanity.

And wooh for the terror-filled Nicodemus face! Crap, I TOTALLY typed more rant here, where'd it goooo? *searches for it* Ah well, buried on the bowels of the internet now I s'pose. Psh, didn't need that rant ANYway. It was dumb. (but then so's this one.... hmmmm....)

I seem to recall complaining about Flash for a long time, though... and still not sure WHAT possessed me to think I could learn this program via self-motivated Independent Study. *shakes head* Took me 3 flippin' hours to figure out how to make EYES move from SIDE to SIDE. This is gonna be pain.

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