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chapter 2- after effects

We interrupt brief crossover setup to bring you a mindless celebration of the spirit of Halloween... well, of the spirit of chibis dressed in funny costumes at least. Heh. And that's really the more important, right?

We'll be back to the 6x9 College crossover setup once again on monday, and then I'll be tricking the archives into thinking that the Halloween strip comes before them (rather than right smack in the middle). Don't be too impressed with me, however, as Betsy-sama figured that one out.

As for the lack of shading in today's strip, I remind everyone about the recently/currently dead computers of both myself and Betsy-sama, and of the small pile of things I lost when they wiped my harddrive (small due to my own paranoia, but some of them things took awhile). I then ask that you all consider it a stylistic choice, and smile and nod and humor us. Because we know that you are good and forgiving people.

Or at least that you won't kill us... because if you kill us then there won't be any more comic updates. And that would make us ALL sad. Well it'd make me and Betsy-sama sad. We HOPE it would make everyone else sad, but I suppose we can't really say for certain, not being telepaths that powerful.

Hmm, I think I should stop talking before I start going some kind of weird-ass melancholy on your asses. I hope everyone has a pleasant Halloween, whether you're the costume type or not. My plan is still the giving out of candy to small children that come knock on my parents' door, and eating lots of it myself. Oh, and being and trading off between coloring comic pages and doing my Japanese homework/reading my Spanish assignment. I was enjoying don Quijote a HELL of a lot more when I wasn't six chapters behind on the reading.




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