The Players

The Main Cast
Kelsi: New to the school and still trying to get her footing when everything started getting crazy, Kelsi hasn't had time to get to know many people at this new high school. Fortunatelly, she found Ikku pretty quickly and hasn't had time to feel lonely. UN-fortunately, Ikku found her pretty quickly and her head hasn't quite stopped spinning.
Ikku: Resident drama queen, Ikku's soul would belong to the theater if she didn't keep such close tabs on it. She loves people, loves to be around them, and loves it even more when they're all paying attention to her. Beneath all the bounce and light and energy she seems to be capable of a more somber nature, but damned if she'll let anyone see more than the occasional glance at it.
Nicodemus: At first glance, his life seems like pain. At second glance his life still seems like pain. At third glance things are still looking pretty shitty. Heavy on the eyeshadow and more than slightly jaded by the overwhelming angst of his own existence, his continued association with Ikku is a source of great confusion to those few who take the time to notice and NOT beat the shit out of him.
Naim: Naim seems to be next in line for the throne in the realm of apathy. He doesn't particularly care for people, and associates solely with those who give him no choice. Namely Ikku and, by association, Nicodemus and Kelsi. He would dislike Jess if he could muster the energy to do it, but just can't bring himself to care.

The Random schoolmates
(these are some of the people that make up the background of the normal high school experience. what they're doing in this comic we couldn't tell you)
Jess: Not too bright, not too observant, and apparently capable of deleting the entire internet from her computer. She's had a crush on Naim for as long as anybody can remember, and no amount of abuse has been able to dissuade her from her fixation.
The Cheerleader: She's a cheerleader. She... leads cheers? And wears a lot of purple? Has a tendency to slip out of character when she thinks Author-sama's not paying attention, but suffers for it every time.
Gregory: Utter asshat and captain of the swim team, Gregory is one of the many banes of Nicodemus's existence. He's just not particularly nice, and always seems to be wearing that same red t-shirt.

The Theater Geeks
(all working on the play, their characters are mostly determined by the roles that they play, which is ironic 'cuz they're mostly techies and NOT playing roles)
Kimberly: Costume mistress and a friend of Ikku's. Doesn't understand why Ikku spends time with Nicodemus.
Todd: Friend of Kimberly's, helps out with cosumes. All-around techie.
Josh: Technical director. His job to wrangle all these miscreants into a vague semblance of order. Does pretty well most of the time.
Jaimie: Stage manager. Terrifying. Rules the backstage with an iron crescent wrench.
Hat-boy: Set designer. And resident know-it-all. And like most know-it-alls, knows very little.

The Coffee Shop Crew
(outside of the realm of high school, these are the people that Nicodemus works with. They are not associated with most of the rest of the UC cast)
Neko: Good friend of Nicodemus, Though seems to know very little about his high school life. Has never met Ikku. Nicodemus tries to keep it this way.
Lily: Owns the coffeeshop. Employs Nicodemus. Is very protective of the people who work for her.
Shadow: Spends a lot of time in the coffeeshop. Seems to be mysterious.
Starshine: Pink-haired clutz.
Alexis: Hasn't made her appearance in the comic yet, but we know she has a morning shift in the coffee shop.

Those That Defy Description
Jacob: *maniacal laughter* A source of much confusion... for readers and characters alike. More to be revealed when we feel like it.
Author-sama: The scary one (that's all we're giving you here)
Artist-chan: The attention whore (no, seriously, that's all we've got)

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