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 the artist's box

Leading off with easily my favorite of the gratuitous-artist-chan-needs-to-breathe filler arts. I'm thrilled with and overly proud of this sucker, and am working on coloring it at a higher resolution/with better technique than usual so as to make a poster out of it.

This has been slow going, what with barely having time to keep up with the actual pages of comic lately, but a girl needs dreams doesn't she?

(by the way, that's not a horrible scar on Nicodemus's wrist... that's an inking oops)

And on a random note? Supernatural (of which I've seen 2 episodes and am about to start the third) is thus far ridiculously entertaining. I'm rarely this fond of a show less than a season in. Hopefully if I fixate I'll be able to rein it in a bit, though, what with needing to pass all my classes. But still... yay.



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