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 the little dark space.

chapter 5 - after effects

so, in my failure to be a competent updater last week, i was going to mention these two little house keeping things and forgot.

the artist is now in spain. as we planning, the guest week(s) shall be going on after this story arch finsihed, which is i think 2 more weeks. after that, was may very well be updateing 7 DAYS A WEEK in order to fit in all the guiest comicy goodness. then the artist will return, and we shall start chapter 6. all good.

secondly, the archives of rubber ducky site will be taken down in the next week. though the main page will still show the current update, it will link you back to the archives. when the artist returns, we shall but up a redirect, so that people can find us, but the updating will no longer be happening. just throwing that out there.


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