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More pairing-tastic artses! And yes, I know Ikku's waist turned out... well... ridiculously (break-in-half-at-the-first-sign-of-wind) tiny. Oops? I'm TRYING to learn how to draw actual proportional human bodies, it's just slow going. Gimme time. *nod*

The good news is my cranky went away. Point the first: got my Civil Procedure exam back and HOLY SHIT I GOT AN A-!!! Ironic that the class that makes my head hurt the most is the one in which I utterly win, but... pff, I'll sure as hell take it. That and awesometastic news in the life of a friend (Shauna, if you're reading this, congrats!) made today QUITE good.

I'd ramble s'more, but I've got about a dozen Law Review articles to work my way through before I get to sleep tonight so I'd best get on them. *falls asleep staring at them*



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