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Betsy-sama will be once again doing the udpating starting monday, so I wanted to quick thank everyone for putting up with filler week (x2) before disappearing into the cold Minnesota night. I hope it was entertaining enough not to have ruffled any feathers. *nodnod*

And on a completely different note, I know I've linked this comic before, but I felt the random need to pimp the awesomeness that is Return to Eden. Seriously, click the link. The pretty that greets you will make you glad you did, it's a truly fantastic comic.

Also? Looks like I've passed my first semester of law school, yay! Still waiting on one exam grade, but I already know I got a passing grade on it (it wasn't one of the exams I was worried about). So yes. Success thus far. Let's see how surviving semester 2 goes.



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