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 the little dark space

chapter 12

I guess i should count my blessings that if i was going to get a cold this winter, it would be both before mid-terms, and after the worst of the winters. le siiiiigh.

also, apparently double rant day. lucky you guys!



  The Artist's Box

chapter 12

Two things you should know about today, because I have decided they are of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE:


Forget the MAIN plot of a movie, I want to know how slashy the subtext is! Which up until now has always been a shot in the dark for me--I've been waiting on this site for YEARS and didn't even know it. I figure a good plenty of you reading this comic probably share my movie-viewing mindset, so I thought I'd pass the link along.

2. Today's (and possibly the rest of the week's) page is done without the aid of my trusty tablet and pen. Because I'm visiting my family and am a TOOL who forgot to bring them. I even remembered to SCAN this morning, but no. No tablet. So. Plenty of gradients, and we'll be back to the comic's usual look within a week. Cross my heart.



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