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 the little dark space.

chapter 6 - reflections of conciousness

so i usually don't get get up on a soapbox about movies, but i just saw to movies and i will give my thumbs up to both of them.

firstly? ultraviolet. it is awesome, in the way things blowing up and milla-i-love-your-face is all hott. the plot is transparent, and various bits don't quite line up, and the washing out effects of the film get to be a bit too much, but i really enjoyed myself.

but for more of a "oh my god, this is a real actually good movie that has plot and depth and betsy's new personally hero?" go see nightwatch. it's russian, it's subtitled, but the sub titles are superb, and it's great. and as i mentioned, it has my new hero, Zavulon. *squee*



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