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 the little dark space.

the un chapter- part 2

happy birthday gracie-chan!

now for the rest of you, these two characters are from jena and I's other comic book, Queues . The girl with red hair is Tempest, one of the main characters, and the other is Cleo.

Eventually, we hope to have Queues avalible on this site, but not right now. If you would like to read it, send us an e-mail, and for 8 dollars, we will send you a printed copy of both issue 1 and 2, and a sketch from the artist.

All images, ideas, characters, yes, even the AIR YOU BREATHE ON THIS SITE,

is copyrighted Betsy Jorgensen and Jena Lombardi 2000-2003, unless otherwise noted. . All rights reserved.

That means NO TAKIES!