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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- dreams, nightmares and portents

hey! we have done some updating!

For one, the links have been updated. funny enough, jena has started to read some of the comics i read, and we have been talking to other writer/artist people, so you should check out the changes.

For two, the gallery is updated, with coloring book pictures (go look to see what i'm talking about) and the fan fiction. we hope to change the design slightly of the gallery, but to do so, we need more fan stuff! we love you guys, so if you can, write/draw us something and send it in.

for three, the vote buttons are different. in our attempt to make the site a little more unified, we made them. but they stilly do the same thing, so do as they say, and vote for us.

for lastly, the poll will go down on friday. if you haven't voted, or want to see how your couple of choice is doing, go check it out and vote. the top few couples will get drawn by jena, and put up in the gallery. if you want to see them? GO VOTE!

and on one last note, the sun in the east rises, but when it's in the west, it sets. think about it.

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starting here? read this chapter from the beginning.




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