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chapter 4: Shattering Dawn

I hate the last couple of days before summer break starts. The last night, specifically. With everyone packing up and moving out and gradually disappearing, it just feels like the end of everything. Though I feel admittedly less distraught this year than I have in the past, times of change having the effect they do on my wimpy psyche. Don't know HOW I'm going to hold up next year when the leaving is all permanent-like. *refuses to think about it*

But look at me go, all remembering-to-update-the-comic and everything! *does a dance of victory* Ok, so I had to write myself a note on the whiteboard on my door so that I'd see it every time I came home. But still, there's a SYSTEM, therefore all is well. *nodnod*

Oh, and Betsy-sama? Irony of ironies. There was too little enrollment in my chosen English class for the summer. So guess what I'm taking instead, to fulfill the same credit. Go on, guess. I bet you don't even have to guess. Laugh at my pain now, though, 'cuz you'll be helping me make sense of it all.

(p.s. to all those confused, it's Shakespeare. there's... history there)

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