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chapter 7

And comic update is go! Don't worry, I'm not updating 'cuz of any major crisis--just forgot to get today's comic to Betsy-sama and it's thus simpler this way.

Also? You can now officially blame me for the fact that the typed-out version of Naim's journal entries hasn't gone up in the livejournal yet. I told Betsy-sama I'd take care of those, and WILL do so within the next couple days... but I was separated from my computer all day and, aside from my own admittedly procrastinatory nature, simply haven't had a chance to do that yet.

Happy 500th strip, by the way. I think it was last week sometime? Couldn't really do anything by way of celebration of course, what with the a) being in the middle of a chapter and b) me being out of the country and nowhere near a scanner or the internets. BUT, happy 500 nonetheless.



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