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 the artist's box

chapter 4 : Shattering Dawn

all goating aside, i meant to warn everybody that this week was coming. i blame hysteria.

anyway, this week is here. i appoligize, for it will be text heavy. i end appolgizing because we are updating every day this week. that's right! monday THROUGH friday, pages will be going up. and i did not, though it looks like it here, forget to update yesterday. i infact planned to put the splash page up today, so that you could have two pages today. but don't ask me about the next gen uniform. that's pure artistic brilliance there. i will not even entertain questions on the lightsaber, for i feel that would be giving away too much on the part of the artists crafty ways.

or perhaps, she felt like it. it is always the possiblity.

so, this week, if you couldn't tell, will be outlining the stuff they learned whilst resaerching in the cold, dank basement of ikku's cabin. i should mention that they are not perfect, and they do not know everything (as will become clear) but, for the love of petey, they no longer are completly in the dark.

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