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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

so, hopefully in the little time in which i both have conciousness and a laptop that is not trying to explode (no, rattleing is good for the machine, i promise) i will be able to get in a nice and simple rant-like-object.

firstly, two weeks left in the fanworks contest. please send us things! we love you! and if something's not quite done, and you want to enter it as is, i for one am ok with that. but i am not hard to please after two days without sleep.

secondly, i like you guys a lot. readers make me happy. not quite as happy, as say, finally figuring out the meaning of life, but pretty good happines snone the less.

and now, i sleep, because the keyboard seems to be twisting under my fingers. those trisky keys. i'll show them.







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