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chapter 4 : Shattering Dawn

Happy 4th, comic-reading peoples! I, for one, opted out of the slightly-less-than-raucus festivities of my hometown's parade in favor of playing hours of videogames with friends. Nothing's more patriotic than an entire day's worth of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds", ne?

Today's comic kicks off a couple of weeks of utter silliness that we've been wanting to do for... quite some time. We thought it would be fitting to do it in celebration of the comic's two-year anniversary, which is in exactly a week. I would promise other artsy celebratory stuff, but at the moment I'm trying to make solid headway on the next chapter. And the next chapter being what it is (bwahaha) and as LONG as it is (it's... long), Betsy-sama and I both think it'd be neat to dive into it as soon as possible. Which means I've got to focus my energies for the time being.(can't believe we're going on two years... damn)

Oh, and don't worry Betsy-sama's not dead or anything. Just traveling. And thus asked me to take care of today's update. Which I'm so very proud of myself for remembering to do (crossword puzzles and Buffy videogames doing what they do to my brain and all). Speaking of which (crosswords) has ANYone ever heard the word "orts" used to describe table scraps? 'cuz that was one of the inescapable answers we got. Checked the answer once we'd finished the puzzle, and it was right. I don't believe it's a word.

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