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 the artist's boxs

chapter 7

Again with the early-update-rather-than-NO-update technique. Though this time it's not wonktastic internet connectivity, it's that I'm on my way back up to my as-yet internet-less apartment.

I wonder if I'll get any art done amidst the continued saga of the endless boxes that need unpacking... it's worth a shot. I finished a whole nother page of Queues this week! (that puts issue 3 at... about a third done? in 3 years? *cringe*)

Also? Stroller-granny ghosts. Holy shit. Just about fell off my chair laughing with glee (for once instead of nearly-falling-out-of-chair in terror). Oh Fatal Frame 3... you ARE, in fact, beautiful.

And I've put the vote-for-us-please! buttons back in place. So please to do so if you have a chance. We like votes. Votes make the Jena more prone to giggly fits of "mustdrawslashnow!!!" and such.




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