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chapter 4 : Shattering Dawn

so here we are. two whole years. wow.

(and yeah, if you look back in the archives, it technically says that we started in april, but it tells lies. it actually tells betsy did not know how to use the ftp server when she started, and left up the mistake for posterity. not butts. promise)

but yeah, here we are. this series will go on for a week or two (or until the TRAITORS learn who is in CHARGE here), but until then, the artist and myself will entertain you with our antics. though we don't antic. ever.

but as long as i'm here, i thought i'd take the moment to extend thanks. thanks to everyone who has stuck with us, even though our plots are long and involoved. to those of you that wish we updated more often, but stay with us. for those of you that aren't sure you get what's going on, but read on anyway. for those of you who thought naim was a girl forever. but most importantly to all of you that e-mail, comment, snark, and otherwise communicate with us, to let us know how you feel. though we do this for or need to tell stories, we continue because we have you guys, along for the ride. and what a ride it is.

so yeah. thanks again. because it's because of you that we're still around. and for that, it's worth a little party.

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