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I'd like to offer a brief explanation on a site malfunction: you might have noticed the gallery is MIA. There's a more complete explanation on the page-that-WAS-the-gallery, but in brief, the webspace on which it was hosted is now dead. As soon as I've other space for it, it will be back. I'll try to take care of it quick-like.

In other news, I have every intention of getting off my not-quite-lazy butt and getting on coding that "buy stuff" section of the site I keep mentioning. Hopefully this week, in fact, so by friday I'll either have a finished page OR another apology and excuse for why it isn't done. Hopefully it's the page.

I've just rediscovered (for not the first time) that I'm a little in love with Michael J. Fox. And by "just" I mean more like a week and a half ago. Luckily I've been in the mood for just that sort of movie this week. Wonder if that could be related..... nah.

(this is a completely gratuitous splash page for a rather silly arc, by the way--10 points to anyone that can identify the source of Ikku's *ahem* outfit.)



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