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 Jena's Box

My brother kicks ASS!!!  We just won the summer-soccer playoffs!!!  (I say "we", because I got dragged along to all 3 games, and therefore I deserve to be included).  I do my victory dance!  Ha!  Nearly half our team is injured now, though.  People played kinda rough.  Oh, and umm... Yay, webcomic!  Yeah!

 Betsy's little dark space.

so...this is an experiment.

as anti-bishie, which is a fantastic comic by-the-by, sometimes has a two part comic (or seven part, as i seem to remember him once having). he, like a good and noble person, will ost both pictures on the same day, so you don't have to read a punchline over two days.

This is our attempt to do the same. Click on the picture to see part two of todays comic. if this doesn't work as well as i hope, then i will steal the nineswords. style of doing multiple pages of having a splash screen that brings you to the first one, and then you go through the archives as normal. we will see.


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