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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- waking nightmares

every so often, i think to myself when typing up these rants, and wonder "what do people want ot hear?"

or instance, do you want to know that this was one of the first scenes written when this story was still a novel? how about how i knew i man names todd, but he now spelled it with one d, because it was symbolic of getting rid of pointless attactments? how about that kimberly always makes me think of power rangers, and how i found the gloves that sing and make swooshy noises at a garage sale?

and like everytime i get back to my computer, tired enough that the text is spining, i have to convice myself that i cannot put "fill in rant later" and trust myself to do it before too many people read it. el tigre sigh.


confused? read this chapter from the beginning.





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