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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- waking nightmares

in the rant for today, i was going to explain what the little term that we use in today's comic actually means, for those of you that it may not be in your local lexicon. but i have deicied to not do so, and see if it makes sense without the explaination. but that it prolly because i am a poo-head.

but this is a nice segue into a point i made on friday. the artist and i are still compiling questions for the FAQ, which is coming along pretty well. so if there are any questions that you would like to know the answers to, then send them our way. as those who have communed with us via e-mail will tell you, we are nice to talk to, and respond farily quickly.

and now back to ninja for betsy.


confused? read this chapter from the beginning.





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