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the unchapter

so, this one was the SECOND strip ever drawn. which i still think is kinda funny. jena and i will have this push and pull between the comic and the writing. the first time i wrote this (and yeah, it was a book, not a comic) everything was a little darker, and stuff and bother.

now, jena doesn't so much not like the darker stuff, as the funny stuff comes more naturally to her. so, if she's going to draw something 90 percent of the time, it's going to be either cute or funny.

i think this is also one of the last comics with this much dialoge for it's size. i think we figured that less is more when it comes to words at this point. i should also add that i had little to nothing to do with this one, besides telling jena stories about the charaters and how they interacted. this conversation is all her's.


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