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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- waking nightmares

this (in theory. as my theories on these things often prove me wrong) is going to be a short little rantlet. as my computer power supply have broken (unlike the last time, where it blew up in a ball of red flame, this one merely shattered. yes. shattered) and i have about an hour left on the battery. looks like a trip to st paul for me to get a power supply. dammit.

i also installed a tolet today. my second for the summer. and am still doing fine on antibodics, for my body is trying to keel me! but that's another story.

so, i'm off to bed, with my achy little tummy, and comic that goes soonly down a hill. the next two updates may be done by the jena-thing, if something horrid happens between now and me keeping my computer alive again. just a warning.


confused? read this chapter from the beginning.





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