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 the artist's box

chapter 5

cell phones are devil machines. this I know to be true.

while i was working as a bartender last summer, I ended up having to get one. My car, you see, was a kind of a shakey thing, and i had a 30 minute drive through fields of corn and cows, so the idea of brekaing down in the middle of nowhere and having to walk the twenty miles to get anywhere with street lights was not very appealing.

also, my school discontinues its longdistance service, so in order to call home, i needed a way to do so. so now i have a devil machine. and loath it everyday.

on a less venom filled note, there is a question answer period still up in the livejournal! come down and ask any questions you have about what has gone on before, or what is happening now, or whatever. it's been me answering mostly, but any jena-specific questions may well be feilded by the artist herself.

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