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chapter 5- shades of memory we go.

though i have been kind of avoiding tlaking about this in my rants, i have found (in the last...two weeks?...yeah) that a heck-ton of webcomic people are playing world of warcraft. now, i do not entertain the thought that a ton of the readers here play, but if you do, i thought i'd mention that i have characters on Skullcrusher, Hyjal, and my main is on Terenas. names of puppy, fayolin and elspethasta, respectivly, with my main alt on Terenas named Seelie. If anyone is on those servers, and wants to hang or run some intances, drop me a note.

as for the comic, i think it's coming along nicely. i hear jacob. 'pecally cause he's fun. the end.

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