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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- waking nightmares

so, in having a conversation with my roomate, i thought i would mention this now.

if any kind of plot point comes up, and you think we just "did it on the fly", most likely that's not true. as you will find when we get the FAQ section up (as jena is typing the data we gathered)(and if you have questions, send them in!), i've been writing this story for three-four years. most things we're going to hit for a while have been planned out. so yeah. i don't know why i'm all paranoid about it, but there are plans. we didn't lie to you about plot, did we?

anyway, saying that, i'm sorry about this week. it's kinda cliff-hangery. but, i guess i'm not going to say i'm really sorry. because my mother taught me not to be a liar.



confused? read this chapter from the beginning.





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