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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- waking nightmares

extra long today for help in understanding!

so, tomorrow is my birthday. this is kinda fun because i will spend a lot of it (after class in the middle) playing silent hill 4. and possibly taking some time to finish some short stories to go post. but yeah. stuff.

i was talking to jena the other day, and was marveling at how neither of us did anything special with the webcomic, even though we did so for other frineds of ours. she responded that it only made sense, as she didn't make a big deal out of her birthday, and i have consistantly gotten shat upon at different occastions with my own. but this year, things are going ok, so i will mention the date, but don't expect anything else. though there were some funny chibi's that came out of yesterday.



confused? read this chapter from the beginning.





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