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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- after effects

so yeah, after such a nive cliffhanger, i thought i'd address something that seems to have been coming up quite often in recent conversations with both myself and the artist about the comic.

we keep to our three times a week (plus happy days), not because we do not WANT to update more than that. no. truth be told, we would update five times a week, even everyday, except for one little thing.

both the jena-type-thing and i have tried to make sure that we have never missed an update. sure, they have been late before (our worst only by one update, but we did upload something)

jena and i have made a deal. if she can get six months ahead in drawing the comic, we will switch to a five day a week schedual. mostly, because at that point, she and i will be able to put out one comic a day, not questions, no excuses. and until that happens, (which, unfortunatly, will not be until both of us are more confidant in our writing/drawing prowess) we will stick to our current update time.

and that, as they say, it that.




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