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chapter 5- shades of memory

Holy somersaulting shit sticks, GO SEE SERENITY! I'm not even going to try and explain why you have to. You just do. (in fact, see it as many times as you can, and drag along anyone you can find--let's see to it that more Firefly happens!)

On a why-is-the-Jena-thing-updating-the-site front, Betsy-sama's computer is dead. As in she went to update the site tonight, and it wouldn't turn on. Was apparently making all manner of unsettling noises, too, of the gonna-explode-now variety. So you get me with the update, rambling all fangirl-like and incoherent (which I suppose is NOT unusual).

We're still on the "is anyone interested in doing guest strips, 'cuz we're thinking of trying to do our first ever guest strip week?" idea, still looking to see if we've got enough people interested to make it plausible. E-mail us with something about guest strips in the subject area if you're interested/able and haven't talked to us yet. Deadline for expressing interest is October 20th. And go here if you want more details, such as they are.

And as long as I'm rambling, there's a new vote-button type thing that's replaced our one below this here word box. It's for a new site, the Webcomics Super 100 (the middle button), and it's a weekly updating list. So give it a poke if you get a chance, as we're utter attention whores and very much appreciate the botes. I'm trying to figure out a way to do "celebratory mush" for a site that updates weekly. So yeah.

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