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 the little ranty dark space.

the unchapter

ok. i think you have noticed somehting is missing. from now on, there is only going to be ONE of the little ranty boxes at the bottom. that way, jena needs not feel compelled to write something on a strip that she has no idea that is going up. and have more time to work on comics.

i, on the other hand, now get to have a little space to really say everything you need to know, and not have to overlap with the artist, so now you will think i am the weiner. i mean, winner. umm...yeah.

don't worry. if the champion of light (i.e. the other box) needs to return for jena ot say something, it will. i will be banished into the outer darkness. such is the way of the little dark space. kinda sad once you think about it.

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