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chapter 5- shades of memory

You get the update a little early tonight, because I'm not trusting myself to remember to do it before I collapse into an unconscious heap on my stuff-strewn bed. Hope nobody minds. (as if)

I'm going to assume that everyone saw this coming, since we all know Kelsi has certain... anger management issues. Hee. I've had half a dozen comments along the lines of "Kelsi's gonna hit him now, right?", some of them in the LJ community, most of them in person. 'cuz you know... his words kinda warranted that response, I think.

In fact, I think that this page (back in the scripting and layout process when we were beginning to work on the chapter and Betsy was rambling dialog at me too fast for me to type, and having to go back and repeat herself over and over again) made me fall in love with Kelsi anew. Not saying she wasn't already one of my four favorite characters, or that I didn't already like her plenty, but this page really got to me, more so than any of the other times she's inflicted physical violence or made things explode.

But that's neither here, there, nor anywhere relevant. So how's about perhaps poking at that middle button below again (the left one's for some reason not working... Rocketbox decided to stop existing? not sure), 'cuz we took first place again last week and it made me a crazy happy little Jena-thing! *dances* Hope all enjoy the violence of the update!

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