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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- after effects

This series of strips are a result of a couple of long rants between myself and other music lovers. There would be a title page, but things have gotten kind of interesting on the homefront.

Which brings me to the happy second topic. The artist type thing's computer has decided that it has lived a long and glorious life, and needs to meet it's maker. That glorious life of all of three months, it has been determined, is a little preemptive, in the grand sceme of things. You know, like in India, where you do not become an oranged robed monk until after you have raised your children, and then the buddists came along and messed it up by incouraging the youngins to go be all monk-y. Through great feats of science and patience, the beast has been brought back from the dead, with no memeories of what has come before. Which throws a but of a monk-y wrench into a happy surprize for you, the reader. But all is not lost, as hope remains. So what i'm saying is, the artist-type-thing is sad and frusterated, and that's not really fair, so everyone play nice. Cause we like you lots, and you make our days happier, and happy would be nice for her right now.



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