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 the little dark space

chapter 11

i have noticed recently, how empty and forgotten our forumns are. this is, to the most part, our fault. while jena and i both montior the livejournal, neither of us check the forumn horridly often. and with how busy our lives have gotten with law school, we don't have time to jump start any fires.

that being said? speak up if you want to! nothing has brought me more happiness in this comic creation than the wide range of people i have talked to who read it. so meet each other! talk in the forumns! post in the livejournal! even e-mail us! (though, fair warning, while we respond, it takes a lot longer than it used to).

or don't. you guys have been some of the greatest readers two webcomic chicks could ask for, and if all you want to do is continue to enjoy, then that's fine. telling some friends is also fine.


and this is me refraining from making a "your mom is fine" joke here. i think i've grown as a person.



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