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chapter 5- shades of memory

Was GONNA watch a movie that I haven't seen a hundred times tonight. Watched Hamlet instead. Not that I've actually seen Hamlet a literal hundred times (I think the only movie that fits THAT description is "The Last Unicorn"), but I've definitely seen it a good handful since my transitory obsession with it this summer. mmmmmmpsychotic-angst.

The original plan was to watch "Chasing Amy", as I haven't yet and mi hermanito says I need to. So I stole it from him (hey, why pay money for these things when you don't actually HAVE to, hmm?). Meh, he wants to steal my Harry Potter movies for an indefinite amount of time. Fair's fair and all.

I enjoy the middle panel of this page by the way. Not Nicodemus in it so much, but Jacob's expression, and the fact that he has FINGERZOMG! I don't think it turned out looking quite as much like a backrub as I was going for, but I'm generally happy when hands/fingers turn out not looking like utter poo.

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