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chapter 8 - hidden sight and veiled spectres

Four. Damn. Hours. On a four page outline. Okay, yes, it's a four page outline for an analysis merging information from half a dozen statutes and twice that many cases. That's... not really much consolation.

But it's done. And I don't have to think about it anymore until tomorrow. And THEN I only have to focus on analyzing a single case and its trespass-by-airobrne-pollutants implications. No more of this nuisance liability/trespass immunity/nuisance immunity crap.

At least, not until next weekend. And then with the finals.... *cringe*

Ah, what I wouldn't give for two solid weeks to sit and do nothing but draw, write, feed my recurrant Simon & Garfunkel fixation and just. Breathe.

Hmmm, apologies for the excessive whining. For slightly more entertaining things, I direct you towards the newest LJ community contest. Open for the next month and prizes to be had. *nod*



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