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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- after effects

I was looking back in old notebooks as i was updating the comic tonight, and found something really funny. well, many really funny things, if you take my sense of humor at really bad pieces of writing as humor. it was a little story about nicodemus sleeping.

complete poop, i assure you. but funny none the less.

also, i found some japanese poems i wrote when i was in japanese class, some of them less bad than others. but none of them very good, i'm sorry to say. I thought perhaps i had just been mocking something japanese-like in highschool, when i first was writing in this note book, when i realised that i wrote the thing in kanji. heh.

by the by, this notebook has the best quote on the cover. "People begin to live their lives at last, when they learn to live for something, other than themselves."~Albert Einstein. I carved it into the blue with a gel-pen. still a good quote.



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