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 the little dark space

chapter 8 - hidden sight and veiled spectres

in the spirit of december, and the cold weather making us gather together to do things like play games, or share sotries with friends, i thought i would just pu somethng out there.

i hate paladins.

seriously. i hate them. be they the self-praising, lawful good bothers of d&d, or the aura toting hybrid armored healers of blizzard lore, i hate them. hate hate hate. i think they are stoooooooooopid. with enough oo's to wrap the WORLD in stoopid. and while i have had this opinion for longer than world of warcraft has been out, i have to say watching 12 year old boys try and impress a group of nine, mostly tired adults with thier "OMG wArRRorz od the LIGhtZ!!1onw2!", makes my EYES BLEED IN FRUSTERATION. that is all.



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