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chapter 8 - hidden sight and veiled spectres

Apologies for the late update. Technical difficulties and the dangers inherent in updating via raw code to do every update manually.

For the record? Casino Royale was bloody fantastic (the blood is both literal and figurative of course). Betsy-sama is a seasoned Bond veteran fan. I have seen a total of 2 of the movies (now 3) in my existence. We both agree that this new one is a finely crafted piece of awesome. Go see it.

Also? Wish me luck of my Contracts exam. It's my first final, it's take home, and I download to start working on it in about 10 minutes. Seriously. Send me all the luck you can scare. Gonna need it for this bitch.

Ah lawschool... this is an abusive relationship you and I share, no? Please to stop trying to crush my soul, because I love you too much to give up now.



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