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 the little dark space.

chapter 5 - after effects

yes, we realise that the text of this comic is not in one, not in two but THREE seperate languages. it is a process we call "showing off"

as for a translation? it is as grand-standing and pompus as you might expect: even though my linguistic prowess may not be my primary purpose in this comic space, you should not discount the power of my words. Just because I do not weave the stories from nothing, does not mean that my language skills are something to mock. Through study and skill I have found paths through the jungle of linguistics, and am now able to find my way through words and culture. Though my focus in this project is not words, it is silly to assume I am helpless. And if it is a battleground of words that you wish to fight your final battle on, then you have picked the wrong opponent, for I will make the terrain very marshy indeed.

thanks also to james sammartano, and jena's german teacher for the help/checking of translation.



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