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 the little dark space.

chapter 3- real dreams

this week is real low on words. it's a concept kind of thing, really. showing that life went on after what ended in the last chapter. it will be kelsi, then nicodemus, then ikku, then naim. it will be kewl. promise.




 Artist-chan's box

Look! Two boxes on the same day! *shocked face* But I have things for the sharing. Slashy things! *drools*

So here's the deal. Y'know Rocketbox, and how we've been trying to conquer the #3 spot? Guess what we finally did today! *dances happily* So I have here, a picture of celebratory mush, by way of... um... celebration. *nod* And I figured if I just posted the link in the LJ community that a lot of deserving people wouldn't get to see it. So I post here, and hope that people enjoy.

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