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From Jena's DeviantArt Prints Gallery
This section is all links to the things for sale in my dA prints gallery, and will (hopefully) receive occasional updates as we add new things.
Poster (9"x12" or 18"x24"): $4.00-$16.00 Magnet: $3.50/$4.50 Coffee Mug (11oz or 15oz): $6.95/$7.95 Coffee Mug (11oz or 15oz): $6.95/$7.95 Coffee Mug (11oz or 15oz): $6.95/$7.95

Directly from Us
This section is temporarily unavailable while we hammer out a system for ordering, sending payment and shipping the merchendise. Will be available soon someday.
(read the ordering instructions if there's something here that catches your fancy)

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