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 the little dark space.

chapter 3- real dreams

as the jena-type-thing mentioned last time, we are participating in a webcomic relief drive. i actually am not going to poke about it, other than to mention that it's going on. as an author i really respect said:

"When 9/11 happened, the webcomics community at large seemed to take notice. People addressed it. Some posted links to charities. Some sold prints to raise money for it. Around three thousand people died. It was a horrible tragedy - still is - and people acted.

Over 114,000 people - that we know of - died in Asia...and next to no one in webcomics has said a word." r.k.milholland

Alone, nobody can do anything. For pete's sake, I can't even do this comic by myself. So i know what can happen when people work together. I know that this space doesn't see many politics. And for gods sake, i'm not here to tell you what to do. But if you have a couple of bucks, or something useful to donate, or even a couple of moments you could spend sending happy thoughts to all those people who have gotten shat upon, it would help.

So, when i said i wouldnn't poke, i meant after today. Remember, we're all in this togther.



confused? read this chapter from the beginning: here




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