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 the artist's box

chapter 3- real dreams

so i have the best friends ever. my little laptop has been on it's strange legs (hard drive grinding, and other random crazy things) anf though i know things will be ok with it? it has been kinda scetchy. so i friend of mine sent out an e-mail, and asked a few of my friends if they could spare a little bit of money to help pool together, and help get me a new computer. well, after about a month of pooling, i just got a new mac-mini. as of yet, it does not have a keyboard, and i'm borrowing a mouse from a friend, and i have on loan from my sister a monitor, soon i will be able to back everything up enough so that i can stop relying so heavily on a thing that threatens to poop out at every turn.

but to reitterate, my friends are the coolest. head scratchies for all!



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